Youth Program

Youth Development Program

Note : Thao Nhi – a newly arrived youth registers for youth program and internship at VACA’s office

The youth development program is designed to prepare Vietnamese youth for academic and career success, and to develop their leadership abilities, for example by engaging in community service. VACA also assists Vietnamese families and youth to overcome and address social emotional barriers and social challenges that affect academic, social, and personal well-being.

VACA serves youth group that faces significant challenges and being at-risk of involving with gang activities. Many participants are new immigrants who speak little or no English and have had little or no formal schooling. These youth struggle to keep up in American schools and often drop out. We strive to give them resources that will help them succeed after leaving school.

We offer skills and job readiness training and internships in our office.

Enrollment in the program : check out the flyer “Youth-At- Risk flyer”

Notes: Kevin, a student from France doing internship at VACA office

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